Explain Life to Me Please

What problems do I have?

Well, as many self esteem issues as the next person.
Often I feel that though I enjoy my job, it is not my dream job and I would rather be doing something else. What? Who knows?
Since Joe went back to school in September of last year and started working at the nursing home, his schedule is all over the place and I’m alone a lot.
My son is at the age where he is on the move from sunup to sundown. He is into everything and cries if he doesn’t get his way.
The grass needs cutting, coffee table needs dusting, floors need sweeping and mopping, etc…etc…etc.
My vacation is almost over and I want another week or two. Or three.
My husband drives me crazy sometimes. In a loving way.
Main street needs to get paved. Bad.
No matter how many times I shave my legs, the hair always grows back.
My truck needs tires.
Dust…did I mention dust?
My son is growing up before my very eyes and I feel like time is slipping through my fingers and I can’t stop it or slow it down.
I’ve been sweating a LOT lately in this heat. Not attractive.

Then I got a Facebook message this morning from a friend’s sister asking for prayers and letting us know that our friend’s little girl who is not yet three is in the hospital and has been diagnosed with ALL Leukemia.

Problems? Nah….I don’t have any problems.


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