Men of the Otherworld – Book Review

Last night I finished reading “Men of the Otherworld” by Kelley Armstrong.  I want to preface this by saying that I have already read books 1-10 of the “Women of the Otherworld” series.  I love all these books and how they depict the women in them as strong, intelligent, and resourceful.

The men obviously play an important role in the other books, but only as how they are related to the women.  We hear little bits of their stories, of their pasts, but none of the true meat of it, and always as told by the women in the story….with the exception of Lucas, who has that sexy geek thing down to a science and whose story is also quite interesting and I’d love to hear more about him – hopefully in further books.

This story begins with Jeremy – the current Alpha of the American werewolves.  You don’t know much about his story from the other books.  This gives you an insight as to what the pack was like under a different Alpha, and of how completely different Jeremy is from his father – Malcolm.  We learn the circumstances surrounding Jeremy’s conception, and see his mother for the first time.

The bulk of this story is about Clayton, and the tale of his “childhood,” though really only from the bite onwards.  It’s as though his pre-bitten life didn’t exist.  This is an interesting story, especially told from Clay’s point of view.  He has an interesting mind and way of looking at things.  And apparently, complete obliviousness as to how completely gorgeous he is.  You get an insight of the true relationship between Clayton and Jeremy, and realize that considering Clayton’s state of mind when he was discovered by the Pack, there truly would never be anyone as suited as Jeremy to remove Clay from his wilderness home, civilize and raise him.

The book covers Jeremy’s rise to power as Alpha and cuts off pretty much right before he meets Elena.  It then jumps ahead to present day.

The POV switches and Jeremy is the voice now.  I won’t say much, only that I hope that the last tale in the book, with Jeremy and Jamie is a precursor to a future tale, where Jeremy can hopefully find out more about the other side of his parentage, his mother.

Overall, an excellent read, especially for those Women of the Underworld fans who agree with me that the werewolf tales concerning Elena and Clay et al are the best and most exciting in the series.

As these stories go – 5/5 stars.


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