Do You Sing in the Shower?

I used to.  I was showering this morning though, and I realized that I don’t anymore.  I don’t know why I thought of it, I just did.  I used to sing in the shower all the time.  I mean come on, with those acoustics, we all sound fabulous in the shower!

So as I shampooed my hair, I started really thinking about it.  Why don’t I sing in the shower anymore?  Is it because I’m afraid of getting told to shut up?  Hardly.  After some thought, I decided that it is similar to “stopping to smell the roses.”  I’m certainly not too busy to sing in the shower, cause hey, I’m in there anyway.  I think I just don’t because I’m spending my time thinking about other things.  That stuff I have to order when I get to work.  What I’m going to make for supper tonight.  I have to get the house cleaned this week, before our company comes on the weekend.  Ugh, especially this shower!

Life takes over.  There are too many other things to do and too many other things to think about so we forget to stop and enjoy the small pleasures.

I for one, am going to try to change that about myself and stop to smell the roses sometimes.  Or just do my thinking as I dry off and stop and enjoy the hot water and belt out a show tune or two.  I apologize in advance to anyone within hearing distance.

Counting our Blessings

There are lots of things that suck in life.  We have all kinds of problems that we have to deal with on a daily basis.  Sometimes we just don’t have enough money to stretch to cover those bills in a month.  Sometimes we have just enough for the bills, but groceries?? No way.

We had a rough year when I was on maternity leave.  Living on one and a half incomes is tough.  After I went back to work, we decided it was time for Joe to go back to school to make something of himself.  We had barely caught our breath financially, and all of a sudden he was a full time student and we were back to one and a half incomes again.

Times were tough.  We did the things that many people do to get by, roll change to buy food, thaw out and eat chicken skewers and pigs in blankets found in the bottom of the deep freeze.  As long as our kid was fed, clothed, warm, and happy, we didn’t care too much.  Though it was pretty stressful at times.

We still have those months where things get tight.  A dollar just doesn’t go as far as a dollar used to.

It’s so easy in life to feel sorry for ourselves.  I mean, of course, we’re the worst off out of everyone we know…right?  Well, maybe not.  Being sorry for yourself doesn’t take any effort.  It’s an easy pattern to slip into and a hard one to get out of if things continuously keep screwing up.

It’s easy for me as I sit there, miserable at the kitchen table, looking across at my equally miserable husband, as we both eye  the last pig in a blanket, being courteous to each other by saying “no, you take it!” meanwhile ready to fight to the death over it-  to feel sorry for myself.  And I do.  But then I try to take stock of my life and count my blessings.

I look down on the kitchen floor, and in his exersaucer at the time, was my little guy, smiling up at me with a tooth or two in his mouth.  Healthy and thriving.  I look across at my miserable meat and potatoes husband, and thank my lucky stars that if I have to be in this with anybody, it’s him.

Even as things even out a bit, as I said, there are still months when things get tight.  An unexpected car or house repair has to be made.  A ton of Birthday parties to go to in one month, and something to take to each one.  Having to go here or there or everywhere, with gas prices going through the roof.  It takes a bit of juggling sometimes to be able to handle everything and still be able to have an extra or two here or there.  To be able to go out to dinner together or see a movie.  To buy a paperback (or six) that I’ve been wanting.  Sometimes it’s very frustrating.  We lie in bed and talk about things and what needs to be paid.

It’s times like this where it is very important to be aware of your blessings and be thankful for each one.  I think of the little boy sleeping in the room across the hall.  He is happy, and healthy.  I look at the man there in the bed being frustrated with me.  He’s my best friend.  He also works hard and does everything he can to support his family.  He’s healthy and is able to work.  I have a healthy and supportive family.  My parents are well, and are so supportive of us and so willing to help however they can.

We all have our things in life to deal with.  I remember when I was little and sitting in church, the priest was saying his homily.  I have heard a very large number of homilies in my lifetime, and though I’m sure there was a message in each one, this one has stayed with me throughout my life since.  It was basically a story about how we all have to carry crosses in life.  One man went to God and begged him to be relieved of his cross.  God agreed, saying that he could throw his cross into a pile with all the other crosses in the world and pick out another one to carry.  After throwing his cross onto the pile, he started trying to look for one that he would rather carry.  To make a long story short, after examining all the other crosses that others were carrying, he decided to pick up his own cross and carry it again.

Moral of the story:  no matter how bad you think you’ve got it, there’s always someone that has got it worse.  Is your kid driving you crazy because he is running around the house when all you want to do is relax for a minute after work?  At least he has the energy and is able to run.  Is your spouse driving you crazy because….well, there are tons of reasons why they could be driving you crazy.  Ask the person who just lost their spouse to an accident or illness what they would give to have that person there to drive them crazy again.  Is your boss a pain in the butt?  Think about the unemployment rate.   Worried about living on one and a half incomes? What about just one?  Or just half?

So I guess that’s it.  Find your blessings.  They are there.  Count them and cherish them.  Even when it seems like there are none, there are some.  Sometimes they are in disguise, but they are there.  Don’t take them for granted.


Stephanie Plum Parts 1 & 2 – Janet Evanovich – Book Review

I was looking at my book list lately and realized that I have been reading a lot of series lately.  Usually I like to wait until I’m done reading a series, then review the whole thing.  A little while ago though, I started reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.   There is so far 17 books in this series.  I’ve read the first two so far.  One For the Money and Two for the Dough.  I thought since I’m starting from the beginning and have so far to go, that I’d take you along for the ride, so to speak.

So Stephanie Plum is a laid off lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter from Trenton, New Jersey.  When she gets laid off, things start to get pretty desperate, and she goes to see her cousin Vinnie, who is a bondsman.  The position that she was looking for had already been filled, but she ends up on the case to find Joe Morelli, a vice cop that she has known all her life, that has been accused of murder and jumped bail.  To say that she is not emotionally invested in Morelli would be a lie as the two do share a bit of a past, and she has succumbed to Morelli’s womanizing ways on occasion.

The first two books are actually very good.  They are hilarious, quick reads, not really too thought provoking, but totally worth the time.  The family dynamic between Stephanie and her Mother, Father and Grandma Mazur is awesome, and that is mostly because there is such a ring of truth to the relationships.

In the second book Grandma Mazur plays a larger role.  The antics are truly laugh out loud material.  I have always said, that it’s when something makes you laugh out loud when you are by yourself, that you know it is truly funny.

The relationship between Stephanie and Joe is still changing and evolving, but I think they’re heading in a direction that it’s going to become more.  There’s also her bounty hunter friend Ranger, who seems quite sexy and I think there is definitely potential there too.

Knowing there are fifteen more books to go before I get caught up doesn’t seem daunting at all.  Right now I’m looking forward to getting into Chapters and picking up three and four….and maybe five.  I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes. 🙂


Ahhhh….vacation. The time of year that many of us look forward to like no other. I get 3 weeks of vacation a year. I usually like to space them out rather than take them all at once, that way I feel like I have something to look forward to. I like to take a week in the summer, usually August. I usually take another around (Canadian) Thanksgiving, and another at Christmas.

I know it’s horrible, but sometimes I honestly feel like I’m wishing my life away waiting for my next vacation. Unfortunately, as I wish away my life, I’m also wishing away my 3 year old son’s life. For us right now, due to the nature of my husbands’ job, we don’t really get to take vacation together, and just have to mostly book my time for whenever I want it, and then work around his schedule for that week. This is my first week back after a week off. We didn’t do too much because of this, just a couple of outings, and a day at the African Lion Safari. We met a friend of mine at the splash park one day and spent some time with my parents. It wasn’t overly eventful, but it was wonderful. Mostly because every afternoon when my son laid down for his nap, I was able to snuggle up and nap with him. That was the single greatest part of my entire vacation. The naps.

I guess it goes to show that really the most important thing in life is the time that you spend with the ones you love. Because I think that even if we went away for a week long vacation to a tropical destination like Hawaii, and stayed at a five star resort, if my son was with me, my favourite part of the vacation would still be the naps.

So now I’m back to work, the first week back is usually pretty quick, there’s so much catching up to do once you get back that there’s not much time for much else. And with others in the office on vacation this week, it’s pretty quiet on the home front and I’m getting lots done.

I read a few books on my vacation (of course) so I have a few reviews to write. I tried a couple new recipes on vacation (of course) so I’ll have to post those as well.

In the meantime, I’ll wait patiently till my next vacation, and thank goodness for Labour Day, which falls in between. That means an extra nap for me.