Stephanie Plum Parts 5-17 – Janet Evanovich

Wow.  It’s been a while.  Funny how life gets in the way and something like blogging falls by the wayside.

So I’ve been busy.  Part of that busy-ness has been taken up with reading.  I set myself a goal on Goodreads this year to read 50 books.  So far I have read 61.  I think that a big reason why I have read so many in this time is due to the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  Originally I know I was going to take you along and review these books as I went.  Well, I finished reading Smokin Seventeen yesterday, so I guess I fell behind on that too.

I have thought about updating my blog with a review of Stephanie’s adventures, but to be honest, I really don’t think I have anything new to say, even after reading all 17 of them.  There really isn’t too much different about each book.  They are quite repetitive.   They are good, but Evanovich follows a pattern, which obviously works for her, and aside from slightly different storylines in each book, we still have cars getting blown up, Lula on a diet, Grandma trying to pry open a casket at a funeral, and Stephanie managing to get her man, while all the time being torn between two men – Morelli and Ranger.

I’m a fan of Morelli, I’m a fan of Ranger.  They both appeal for different reasons.  I think that Morelli is exactly what Stephanie needs.  He’s steady, capable, sexy as hell, and he does love Stephanie, more than she deserves sometimes.  The problem is that I think Evanovich has written herself into a corner with her readers because she has made Ranger so damn likable, and sexy, that there would probably be a huge uproar from the readers no matter which guy she chooses.

So overall, I like these books.  They are quick, fun reads.  Nothing in them makes you think overly hard.  I’m curious to find out what happens next, so I will continue reading.  I’m happy to take a bit of a break now, as I wait for Explosive Eighteen to come out in paperback.

By the way, if you’re a fan of the Plum books, and are waiting for the next one, there is always the Between the Numbers Books.  Taking place around the holidays, these books don’t really develop the story at all, and they introduce a character named Diesel, who isn’t in the regular books.  Diesel literally pops in and out of Stephanie’s life, and she is roped in to helping him out on his missions.  They’re short, different, and if you like Plum, worth reading.

2 Replies to “Stephanie Plum Parts 5-17 – Janet Evanovich”

  1. I wondered where you had gone and run off to 🙂

    Waiting until Explosive Eighteen is released in paperback would kill me! .. In Texas at the moment .. 18 is at my house waiting for me to tackle it! .. So much for sleeping this Sunday 🙂

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