So Christmas is Done…

Done, packed up, and put away.  I’ve been on vacation for 5 days, and I’m not quite sure what I’ve accomplished.  I guess I accomplished Christmas.  Christmas with a three year old.  It was really cool, cause he is really starting to understand that when he goes to sleep on Christmas Eve, Santa is going to come, and bring him a ton of toys.  Which is actually a pretty cool concept.
Having a child has really put Christmas and its meaning into perspective for me.  A few years back we all agreed in our family, mostly for financial reasons, that we would quit buying each other Christmas presents.  That we would focus on Christmas for what it is supposed to be – a time for being with family and friends.  This has been wonderful actually.  I haven’t really missed the gift exchange at all.
The last couple of years we have kind of slipped back into the gift giving practice.  It’s hard for Christmas to come and go without getting at least a little something for the people you love the most.  Now that I have a child, well of course I’m going to buy for him.  I can’t rely on Santa for everything now, can I?  Watching him though on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning really makes me appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.  Seeing him so excited when we switch the countdown in our house “3 more days till Jesus’ Birthday, and Santa comes and brings gifts for everybody!”  It fills me up to the brim with love and excitement for the little guy.  Watching the magic take him over takes me over, and everyone around us.  It’s contagious.  
So I’m on vacation, and there were at least three or four books that I figured I would be finishing this week, but um….nope, hasn’t happened.  I’m trying to find the time to finish the one I have on the go, let alone finish all of them.
2012 is around the corner.  Does anyone have any resolutions planned?  I joined a gym in September and my membership has lapsed in the last few weeks, to say the least.  Gotta get back at that.  I find that I start off every year with a bunch of resolutions and none of them ever end up panning out.  Maybe I’ll just make a resolution to try and better my life all around.  Try to be healthy, try to be happy, try to read as many books as possible.  Sounds good to me.  
See you on the flipside.  All the best for the year ahead. 

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