Summer means bare feet for sure.

Father’s Day has passed.  To me that means that summer has officially begun.  The official first day of summer is always just after Father’s Day anyway, but it’s not just that.  Late June means a ton of things.  It pretty much means that we definitely are going to have more hot sunny days than cold ones.  It’s the end of school for the kiddies, and the start of summer vacation.

I love all the seasons, usually preferring the transitional seasons, spring and fall, for their moderate temperatures.  But summer has many things about it that I hold dear.  I love to swim, and spend time in the water.  My son definitely gets this from me.  He would literally live at the splash pad or the beach all summer long if we’d let him.  I love it when the weather is gorgeous and not too hot, with a nice breeze, coming home after a long day at work and cracking open a beer and relaxing with my family outside on the back deck before supper.  Cooking supper on the grill, and enjoying it all under the canopy outside.  Keeps the mess out of the house, minimal dishes to do, and just the joy of being outside in the fresh air.  It all feels so good.

I look forward to summer, because I usually take a week off work, and I look forward to spending that time with my family.  My husband’s job doesn’t usually lend itself to several days off in a row during the summer, so we usually plan a day trip or two, to places that aren’t too far away.  I love taking this time to expose my son to new things, visiting new places, meeting new people, storing up lots of awesome memories for him to look back on when he is older.

This summer though, means more than all those things for me.  This is the last summer before my son starts school.  We’ve heard it all before, but it really does just seem like yesterday that he was born.  Now he’s four, and headed off to school in September.

I have a lot of concerns with him starting school.  He is an incredibly shy child.  Upon meeting any new people, he clings to the adult he is with.  We’ve enrolled him in soccer this year, and it has been interesting indeed.  For the first two weeks, he wouldn’t even go out on the field without me.  He wasn’t the only child like this, but the thought of putting him on that bus scares the hell out of me.  He’s an only child, which I do not regret by the way, so you can hold back on the sermon about that.  And his shyness seems to be limited to adults, he is fine meeting new kids.

I just think about this huge change that is about to take place in his life.  He says he’s ready for school, ready for the bus, but he really has no idea what he’s talking about.  We’ve told him that Mommy and Daddy have to go to work and he has to go to school, and he seems to understand, but there’s a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

I know he’ll be fine.  I know that he is ready.  School will be so good for him.  He is such a smart little boy and I know that he will learn and catch onto things quickly.  Part of it I know is my own selfishness, not wanting him to be away from me, not wanting him to grow up.  He’s only four, but in the blink of an eye, he’ll be fourteen, then twenty four….

In the meantime, I’m going to try not to think about it too much.  Summer is here, and I’m going to take it for all it’s worth.  I’m going to enjoy this summer with him, and do my best to help him (and me) prepare for the changes ahead.

Wish me luck.


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