Thirteen – Book Review

I am a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong. I’ve reviewed a few of her books here, and have never been disappointed with anything she’s done.  I’ve read her YA books, but by far, my favourite of her books are her Women of the Otherworld series.  This series started with a story about a female werewolf, Elena Michaels – in Bitten.  This series has it ALL.  Basically all supernatural types are featured throughout this series – werewolves, witches, sorcerers, vampires, demons, half demons, necromancers, zombies, ghosts, angels…you name it.

Thirteen is the latest and final installment of the Otherworld series. I was disappointed to hear that it was going to be ending, but I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.

The thing I liked most about this whole series is that it centered around strong, powerful, independent women.  The other cool thing about it is the men they choose.  Pretty much without exception, they choose equally strong men, who support them and work along side them, as opposed to trying to hold them back and oppress them.

The thing that I liked most about Thirteen in particular, is that we get a full ensemble cast.  All the favourites from the past installments were there.  I was thrilled to see Elena and Clayton, Jamie and Jeremy, Paige and Lucas, Eve and Kristoff, Hope and Karl, and of course, Savannah and Adam.

The supernatural world is at war.  Those who want to out the supernaturals, let everyone know about them, that think they will be free from hiding, that their offspring will have a better life if they are out in the open.  This of course is ridiculous for several reasons.  The interracial council and the cabals find themselves with a common goal, which doesn’t happen very often.  We even get a little insight into Lucifer, and you may be surprised as to how he is depicted.

This book, as the previous two before it, was told from the point of view of Savannah.  I think Kelley Armstrong always planned to have a trilogy within a series type of thing with Savannah in the centre as the final part of this series.  There is a chapter from Elena, as well as one from Paige, which is also very cool.

Any fans of the series I think will not be disappointed with this book.  It ties everything up nicely, and fulfills any need to know how characters are doing, and where they will end up.  I’m sad the series is over, but excited to see what Armstrong will come up with next.

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