The Next 10 Things About Me

Earlier I posted an entry called 10 Things About Me.  In it, I indulged myself in my love of lists, and my sheer self-centeredness, by posting 10 random facts about me – cause everyone must be interested in that…right?  No?  Oh.

Well, I was looking over that list and I realized that there were a lot of random facts about myself that I missed!  Heaven forbid!  How will you all sleep at night not knowing what they are?

So for the mental health of my readers, and to indulge myself even more….without further ado…all breathe a collective sigh of relief….here they are – The Next 10 Things About Me.

11. I love tennis.  I don’t play it so hot, but I love watching it.  I didn’t know a thing about the game until I met Joe.  Wouldn’t cross the street to watch a game.  Then I got into watching it with him and once I understood the scoring, got to know who the players were and understood the game on a whole, I love it!  I’m so glad I gave it a chance.  I particularly enjoy the mens tennis.  Nothing against the women, I love watching them play too.  I just slightly prefer the mens.

12. I am obsessed with personal hygiene/beauty products.  Soaps, body washes, bubble bath, lotions, creams, facial cleansing products, make up, polishes, scrubs, sprays, gels…on and on and on.  Get me in a store like Bath and Body Works or Sephora, and you have to drag me out.  Ask my husband.  It’s an addiction, but I smell nice.

13.  I seriously love giraffes.  Seriously.  They have to be the cutest animals ever!  Have you ever seriously looked at one?  What amazingly cute faces they have!

14.  It is my dream to one day volunteer to teach adults to read.  Reading is such a huge part of my life, it boggles my mind to think of the adults out there in the world that are making their way through life without knowing how to read.  To be able to give someone that gift, even late in life, would be a true gift to me as well.

15. Speaking about books, I’m really weird about mine.  If you’ve ever borrowed a book from me – which doesn’t happen very often – you’ll know.  I usually provide a ziplock bag and bookmark for the borrower to use.  When people break the spines on books and fold over pages to keep their place, or place a book open face down on a table – it drives me crazy.  Look after your books people!  I’m also pretty particular in that when I have 4 or 5 books in a series, I like them to be the same – either all hardcover, or all paperback, the same cover version on each as well.  Odd, I know.  Just me.

16. I really hate gardening.  One of the first things I would do if I won the lottery tomorrow would be to hire a gardener.  I love flowers, but hate the work that goes along with it.  I’m hoping that as I get older I acquire a love for it….

Moving on…

17.  While we’re on about what I hate, I really hate carrots.  I really REALLY hate cilantro.  Both of these things I have tried to eat, over and over.  I see other people enjoy them, and I want to enjoy them too.  I buy carrots, have carrot sticks, baby carrots, dip, the whole bit, and I just can’t stand them.  They’re even worse cooked.  Ugh.

Then there’s cilantro.  Even the slightest bit in something makes it almost inedible for me.  I can’t handle it, I can’t swallow it.  Ironically enough, I love salsa.  I have no explanation for this.

18.  One thing that really pisses me off – the bottled water isle at the grocery store.  WE HAVE PERFECTLY CLEAN DRINKING WATER RIGHT OUT OF OUR TAPS.  Yes, I get a water bill, so I pay for it, all the more reason to drink it!  I use a Brita filter and reusable glass or stainless steel water bottles.  Sometimes I will buy water from a service, mostly as a back up in case of a water main break (we have had 2 in the past couple of years) but only with returnable bottles.  You go to the store and buy a case of water for $2.50, that came out of somebody else’s tap, somewhere else, just for the sake of convenience, and you think you’re getting a deal?  What about the waste??  Those disposable plastic bottles pollute the air to make, and even if you do recycle them, there are so many that don’t.  Want the full story? Take 8 minutes and watch the video The Story of Bottled Water below and see if you still feel the same about buying your case or two of water from the supermarket each week.

19.  I NEVER carry cash.  So if you’re planning on mugging me, don’t.  It won’t get you anything, except perhaps a fabulous handbag.

And number 20, in case you didn’t know…..

20.  I’m hot stuff.

I’m always hot.  I don’t handle heat well.  If it is kind of hot or humid in a room, my body seems to absorb all of it and pour it out my sweat glands like crazy.  If someone in the room is going to feel the heat, it’s going to be me.  I love being cool.  My favourite thing is to walk out of a really warm building or room outside on a day when it’s like 14 degrees Celsius, with a t-shirt and jeans on.  The relief I feel is unparalleled.

So that’s it.  That’s 10 more things about me.  You must know everything, right?  There can’t be more….or can there?

Stay tuned. 😉

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