There’s a Whole Other World Out There Kids – It’s Called YouTube

A recent conversation with a friend.
A recent conversation with a friend.

There is something about me that those who know me well will know, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it in this blog.  I am a total beauty junkie.  I have been obsessed since I was about 16.  I think this obsession was passed on to me from my Memere, who used to take me to drugstores and up to the Clinique counter while she chatted with the girls and tried to find the fountain of youth.  Since then, I have maintained a constant obsession with all things beauty.  Facial skin care, body skin care, makeup, fragrances, you name it.  I love it.  I can spend hours strolling through the aisles of a drugstore or the beauty section of a department store.  Sephora and Bath and Body Works are two of my happy places.

Just trying to give a bit of background here.

One thing I have never much cared about was my hair.  I grew my hair out in high school from the horrible mushroom cut that my mother subjected me to between grades 6 and 8.  Once my hair and bangs had grown out, it seemed like I put my hair in a ponytail and it stayed that way except for special occasions.  I never cared about my hair, other than the fact that it had to be clean.  I never took the 10-30 minutes that most teenage girls and women devote to styling their hair every morning.  I would wash, comb through, and throw into a ponytail. I had absolutely no idea how to properly style my hair.  I have had wonderful stylists and some amazing haircuts over the years, that looked amazing when I walked out of the salon.  Only once I got home, it would get washed the next day and go back up again.  Until about 2-3 months ago.

I don’t know if it was because I finally decided that I was 36 years old and couldn’t wear a ponytail forever, but I suddenly took an interest.  I spent some money and bought the proper tools.  I played with it.  I asked a friend for some advice.  I turned to YouTube…

Okay, it took her a while, but she finally got there…I think there’s a point coming.

I have always been the average YouTube user.  If I’m looking for a music video or an old TV show, or a particular stand up comic, I would Google it, and would end up on YouTube that way.  I never really subscribed to any channels or watched anything in particular.

So imagine my surprise when I searched for how to curl my hair with a straightener and literally hundreds of thousands of hair tutorials came up.  One caught my eye by a YouTuber with the handle missglamorazzi.  I clicked on her and my life changed forever.  I’m not even joking.  It was the start of a whole new obsession.

She has hundreds of videos.  The first thing that caught my eye was a “my shower and hair routine” video.  Seriously?  People make videos like this?  They show what products they use in the shower and for skincare and I get to watch??  Holy heck!  Wait, there’s another video here – a “what’s in my shower” video!

Let me tell ya’ll something else about myself.  This is something else that I think I got from my Memere:  I am totally one of those peek in your medicine cabinet kind of people.  I don’t actually do it, but I totally want to.  It’s not because I hope I’m going to find something private or nasty in there, I’m just genuinely interested in what you use to wash your face at night.  So these videos were totally up my alley.  She also had monthly favourites videos featuring the products and things that she had discovered or was loving that month.  Oh, and haul videos – she would go to Target, or Lush, or Sephora, and buy a bunch of stuff and then share it with her over 2 million viewers.  I honestly thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

So if there is one beauty guru on YouTube, there must be more, right?  Oh you bet there are!  I started looking in the suggestions bar and found others, and Ingrid (missglamorazzi) kept mentioning another YouTuber named Fleur.  Fleur is from the UK and is a beauty guru as well.  I started watching her videos and clicking on others from the UK like Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg.  These girls are awesome!

So I also learned something else from watching the British girls – Tanya has a fiance named Jim Chapman.  He is a YouTuber as well, but obviously isn’t into beauty.  He just makes videos about random stuff.  He’s hilarious and a really sweet guy and he and Tanya have to be the sweetest couple on the internet.  Watching these videos made me realize that there are lots of people out there making videos about random things, and this is what they do.  This is how they make money.  Of course the exposure on YouTube has led to other things for many of these people, but it baffles my mind that someone can sit at home and make a video about things he doesn’t understand about girls and get over 400,000 hits on it.  One of those hits was me, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it!

Anyway, this YouTube obsession has shown me that there are several awesome people out there with unique perspectives on life spending their time making interesting content for everyone to see.  These people let you in to their lives, and in most cases I truly believe that what you see is what you get.  Some of it is superficial, but much of it has made me literally laugh out loud and I have seriously learned a lot from it – especially from the beauty girls.

Anyway, if you are interested in wasting an afternoon when you should be cleaning your house or balancing your chequebook, check out a few of these channels:

Beauty Focus:

Ingrid Nielsen –

Casey Holmes –

Fleur DeForce –

Zoella –

Tanya Burr –

Tati –

eleventhgorgeous –

Bethany Mota –

Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) –

Alli –

Random Focuses – These people are awesome:

Jim Chapman –

Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) –

Marcus Butler –

Tyler Oakley –

JennaMarbles –

ThatcherJoe –

FunForLouis –

Sawyer Hartman –

There are many more I know I’ve missed, and I’m sure so many I haven’t discovered yet.

You can thank me (or track me down and slap me) later. 🙂

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