Voting in the 2014 Ontario Election

Unfortunately, everything isn't always black and white.
Unfortunately, everything isn’t always black and white.

To be honest, I’m not a really political person.  I try to follow the news, but when it comes to politics, there are so many factors involved, different parties, different stances on the issues, etc.  I do have thoughts and feelings on those issues, but sometimes, especially around election time, it is a little tough to keep all the details straight.  And often news outlets are really no help.  Conservative news outlets bash the Liberals.  Liberal news outlets bash the Conservatives.  Where does the NDP fit in?  I don’t want to go to a website where someone tells me how to vote.  I don’t want friends or family to try to tell me how to vote.  My vote is my vote and I’ll use it how I see fit.  What I need is to have all the facts laid out so that I can make an informed decision on my own.

Where do the Liberals stand on health care?  What do the Conservatives think about Education?  The NDP on the environment?  The Green Party on taxes?

How to better figure that out than Google?  So I sat down to do a search on the political parties of Ontario, and found an online tool called the Vote Compass.  It asks you a series of simple questions (should you be able to choose between private and public health care?  Do you think Ontario should build more wind turbines?) and gives you a scale from which to choose your answer.  At the end, it provides you with a party to vote for based on your answers.  Now, in no way am I going to let some internet tool dictate to me how to vote, but what it also does is break it down question by question, showing where on the scale each of the parties sit.

This is on the CBC website, so I don’t know how that effects the outcome, but for me, a relatively uniformed citizen, it was helpful as a starting point to see where the various parties sit regarding issues that are important to me.

I have linked the website here for those who would like to go and take a look.

Good luck and don’t forget to cast your vote – whomever it is for – on June 12.

Any other information regarding the election can be found on the Elections Ontario website.

Happy voting!

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