Ramblings Index

Here you will find links to my ramblings. Yes…I index my ramblings.

Remembering is Different this Year

A Little Rant About Social Media

The Scent of a Person

Another 10 Facts About Me


Summer’s in the Air.  8 Reasons to be Happy About That

What is Love?

A Re-boot

Voting in the 2014 Ontario Election

Kelley Armstrong Photobombed Me

It’s Been a Long Winter

Weekend at Home – In the Kitchen

There’s a Whole Other World Out There Kids – It’s Called YouTube

10 Things I Want to Teach My Kid

How about an update?

Summer Vacation – First Update

It’s Hot People!  Take your kids out of the car!

Summer’s Here

What’s so bad about Religion?  Yeah…I’m going there

My New Obsession

Oscar Night 2013

46 Days

Grateful – #blessedin2013

All that Thanksgiving crap…

I’m a bad bad blogger…

Well that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

‘Twas the Night Before Vacation Ended

Calm Before the Storm

Vacation – Day 4 – Update 1

Vacation is around the corner!

Burn…Baby Burn!

Just like that…it’s over again.

The Next 10 Things About Me

Sometimes I Just Wanna Hang Out With Me

10 Things About Me

Attitude – A Rant.  You’ve been warned.

Don’t Take Your Organs to Heaven…

Growing up Tech

Bomb Threats Close to Home

I Guess You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Letting Go



Writer’s Block

Ode to Mom

Well, I’ve Gorged Myself on Pancakes, So Now What?

Family Day

A New Family Member

So Christmas is Done…

Fall = New Beginnings?

Do You Sing in the Shower?

Counting our Blessings


Harry Potter – The End of an Era

What a Shitty Week

It’s The End of The World As We Know It

Save the Planet

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow



My Blog in a Word Cloud











Explain Life to Me Please


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