Stuff You Should Know

This blog is purely for my own fun.  The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

It is about some of my favourite things: what I think, books, and food.  When I thought about starting this, I wanted to incorporate all of these things.  I thought about having separate blogs for each subject: one just to get things off my chest and out of my head – but who would want to read that?  Aside from my family and friends that is.  I could do a food blog and a book blog separately, but I got thinking, I want this page to represent me and reflect my personality.  So here we are, with a bit of everything.

If you are interested more in one subject than another, please use the links at the top right of the page (Categories) to browse through the sections that interest you most.

Some recipes are original (out of my head) others are not.  Where I have used a recipe created by someone else, I will give credit to that individual/cookbook/website, etc.

All recipes have been attempted by myself or someone I trust.

About the book reviews: I try to keep major parts of the story out so as not to spoil for those who haven’t read the book I’m reviewing.  However, at times it’s hard to really review a book without letting parts of the story out.  In these cases, I will include a spoiler warning of some kind at the beginning of the post.  I won’t feel bad if you don’t read it, just please come back when you’ve finished reading the book and see if our opinions differ – and leave a comment with your own.

I love comments – please, if you have a thought on any entry, please don’t hesitate to comment.  Discussion is what this is all about!

That being said, I don’t tolerate disrespect.  Any comments that I feel are disrespectful to me or my readers will be deleted and the commenter reported.  No questions asked.

That’s pretty much it.  Thanks for visiting my playground.


By the way – please take a second to click on the link for charity: water on the right hand side and do the free activities to help provide clean water to those who need it most.  Every little bit helps.


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