Growing up Tech

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a geek.  Totally.  I’m a geek about a lot of things – I love Harry Potter, Glee, many of the current fandoms.  I adore musical theatre, movie musicals, etc.  I’m a total bookworm, and will not think twice about standing in line at a bookstore for a midnight release, or getting to the theater 4 hours before a movie to wait in line to get a seat in the back.

All these things make me a geek, or a nerd I guess, but the biggest thing is my obsession with all things tech.  The world is exploding with all the latest releases of gadgets of all kind.  My son is four.  When I was his age, I was carrying around my old fashioned tape recorder, so happy because there were buttons to push.

Good old tape recorder

I got my first cell phone late by today’s standards, at 18 when I started university.  I’ve counted (the ones I can remember) the cell phones I’ve had since then and there have been 13 in the last 17 years.  That’s an average of a new one every 1.3 years.  Not a lot by a lot of techie standards, but far higher than average, I’m sure.  I’m totally addicted.  I got my first computer, which was a 486 running DOS and Windows 3.1, when I was probably about 14.

I’m an admitted Apple fangirl.  If Apple makes it, I want one.  I’m already plotting to “unload” my iPhone 4S on my hubby when the next generation comes out.  I remember wanting a tablet computer so bad years ago when they had those big, bulky Tablet PC’s that were so expensive.  When the iPad came out, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

I drive my co-worker crazy listening to podcasts about various things, keynote speeches, videos of drop tests of cell phones.  I get excited and call her over when I see nifty things online that I think are so cool, and she just rolls her eyes at me.  I’m a huge fan of social networking, having accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, and on and on.  I’m the only one of my friends that stops to “check in” when we go somewhere, the only one that checks Twitter when someone mentions the latest news.  Or knows the news first because of my Twitter feed.  Heck, I was the only one who actually would send a text for a long time.  Unfortunately I had no one to send them to.

It kind of sucks actually, being one of the only geeks among my friends.  Every now and then I meet folks who are on the same page and it is so wonderful to sit and talk about the latest in the tech world, or what I happened to read on a tech blog that morning.  To discuss our favourite apps and compare Angry Birds scores.  These opportunities are very few and far between.  My hubby and most friends will try to nod and smile and act interested when I talk about how the new Macbook Pro has retina display, or how excited I am to try iOS 6.  But I see the bored blankness behind their eyes.  That’s why I love social networking, the number of people on Twitter alone to chat with about all things tech is more than you could possibly imagine.

The way I see it, unless I make some new friends 😉 , my last hope is my son.  He is growing up in a world where the things that I witnessed happening as I was growing up (personal computers in every home, personal e-mail addresses for everyone, real touchscreen technology, cell phones replacing landlines) are all firmly a part of life.  If we’ve come this far in the last 30 years, imagine how much can happen in the next 30.

Loves the iPad

Technology is the future.  Obviously.  There are so many things we can do now, that we could never do before.  I use my iPad for everything.  Web surfing, e-mail, blogging, journaling, contact management, calendar and to do lists, reading books, magazines, watching a missed episode of a favourite TV show or listening to a favourite song.  I store recipes on it, edit documents, play games, all social networking, manage my household budget, banking, edit photos, Skype, etc.  With just one piece of equipment, I have made a ton of other things totally unnecessary….and I can carry it in my handbag.  I find this incredibly cool.  On this, my son can relate.  He loves the iPad, and would be on it all the time if I let him.  He watches Netflix, searches YouTube, reads books, does puzzles.  My parents watch him as he says “here Grandma, I’ll do it for you” with wonder on their faces.  I watch him on the iPad, or on my phone, or on a computer, and I see that the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I’m excited for all the future has to hold for him and generations to come and all the things that will be made possible because of technology.

Geeks unite!