Urban Decay Naked Smoky – Take it or Leave it?

Be still my beating heart....
Be still my beating heart….

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows.  I own all of the full sized Naked palettes and I have loved them all.  I own several eyeshadows from several different ranges, but the Naked palettes are what I reach for probably 98% of the time.  They are gorgeous, go on beautifully both wet and dry, and I find them extremely wearable.

So naturally when I found out that they were releasing a new Naked – the Naked Smoky – I knew I wanted a piece of that!  Joe and I went into Sephora and I was on the lookout.  I honestly thought they would be sold out as it was so soon after launch, so my plan was to drool over the display and harass the staff about when they would be getting more stock.  It was a pleasant surprise when Joe came up to me and said: “it’s here…it’s over there.”  I went over to find a display with quite a few available.  It took me about 1.6 seconds to decide to buy it.  I knew I was going to get it sooner or later anyway, so why not just get it over with?  So what do I think of Urban Decay’s latest?

The first thing I absolutely have to mention is the packaging.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Urban Decay’s packaging gets a little better with each new palette.  This packaging is a reflection of its name; it is a semi-transparent plastic that has a smoky look.  It has a magnetic closure that in my opinion is far superior to the snap closure of the two previous palettes, and it is better than the magnetic closure of the original Naked.

The shadows are beautiful.  They are the same almost creamy consistency that Urban Decay is known for.  The first 5 shades going from left to right are shimmery shades (High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor and Slanted).  This is followed by two dark grey/black shades (Dagger and Black Market), great for lining and to smudge up for a smoky eye.  This is followed by a dark purple shade (Smolder).  The last four colours are matte shades (Password, Whiskey, Combust and Thirteen) the final two being highlight shades.

I think the shades are all very wearable, and let you go from a very natural to a very dramatic smoky eye.  The shimmery shades in particular are very pretty, and go on very nice wet.  The colours are all very buildable, so you can go as light or as dark as you’re feeling, depending on the occasion.

The palette comes with a lookbook that serves as a guide to four different smoky eye looks.  It’s a good place to start, especially if you’re a bit intimidated by the smoky eye look.

Verdict:  Take it of course!  Especially if you’re already a fan of the Naked palettes, you’ll definitely want to add it to your collection.  Honestly, the Naked 3 is still my all time favourite and most used, but the Naked Smoky is a wonderful addition and I highly recommend it.

The Naked Smoky retails for $64.00 and can be purchased at Sephora and at select Shoppers Drug Marts.

Enjoy! 😉