Burn…Baby Burn!


The picture above was from the fortune cookie I had yesterday at lunch.  It kind of struck me when I read it…how enthusiastic am I – about life?  Lately it seems – not very.

I mean, I’m happy and everything.  I am content with the way things are going.  What have I got to complain about?  Not too much!  I just sometimes really feel like my get up and go – got up and left.

So here it is – past mid August.  Here’s my mid-August resolution: find the excitement again!  Grab life by the ba….uh…horns, and don’t let go!

Part of it might be that I need a vacation.  I have my much anticipated first week of vacation the last week of August.  I’m starting to feel a bit burnt out I guess, and need some time away from the day to day.  Hopefully that helps.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday, and a wonderful weekend ahead.

Peace. 🙂

Letting Go

The quote on the left is something I saw on Facebook yesterday, and it has stuck with me since.

I am fortunate enough to have many friends.  Quite a few of them I have known for years and years.  My oldest and dearest friend and I have been sidekicks since we were 5 years old.  That’s almost 30 years!  Many of my friends that I still keep in touch with I met in high school.  I also have friends that Joe and I have met as a couple and enjoy hanging out with.  I never really made friends at work as I was the only female my age in the office for many many years, but in the last few years I have been lucky enough to form a friendship with a co-worker that I really cherish, which has made the day to day of my life much more interesting and fun.

I can honestly say that I haven’t lost a lot of friends.  Sometimes people just grow apart, and that’s okay.  Life takes people in different directions, and just because you aren’t really good friends anymore doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone or love them just the same.  But deep down it bothers me when there is someone that is in your life, and then they are gone.  Someone whose friendship you valued, and then they are non-existent.

This can also apply to relationships.  I’m happily married for almost 10 years now, and haven’t had to deal with other relationships for a very long time, but there have been times in my life when things went sour and I spent way too long trying to figure out why.  Trying to figure out what it was that I did that made things go wrong.

When you’re in the mindframe that accompanies a lost relationship, whether it is a friendship or a mate, you don’t always want to hear the advice that tells you to move on, to leave them behind, and to let go.  But something really resonated with me yesterday when I read that caption, and really made things click into place in a lot of ways.  From as far back as my teenage years, all the unsolved mysteries of my life, and the lost friendships and relationships (not that there were many), seemed okay all of a sudden.  Reading that and putting things into perspective that way, helped me I guess to close the book on a few loose ends that perhaps were never meant to be tied up.

I like to believe that everything happens for a reason.  That God has a plan for all of us.  But this has made me think that sometimes He does reach in and take people and things away from us because we aren’t strong enough to do it ourselves.  As human beings we tend to be gluttons for punishment and chase after the things that hurt us the most.  So the decision is made for us, yet we still do what we can to try to reverse it.  To make things better, to set things right.

What we need to realize is – perhaps things have been set right.  We just need to leave it alone and let go.

Fall = New Beginnings?

A new road to travel.

I know that many people don’t associate fall with new beginnings.  They think of everything dying and summer ending and the weather turning cold and gloomy.

Maybe because fall is my favourite season, I love the cooler days, the sweater weather, the leaves turning.  I always feel like fall is a time for new beginnings.  Perhaps because of the start of the new school year has something to do with that too.

I was on my way to work this morning and all the kids were out waiting for the school bus.  It hit me in a really bad way that in a years time, that will be my little guy.  Little back pack, waiting for the bus…oh goodness!  Stop!   I can’t think about this right now!  Anyway, it got me to thinking how fast time goes by.  The last three and a half years or so since we had the boy has flown by.  He’s a little man now, doing things for himself, expressing himself…..

I digress.  This was supposed to be about new beginnings, not about me crying about my son growing up.

But this does also have something to do with how fast time flies.  Many people wait until the new year to start their resolutions.  So I thought to myself, I could do that, and then I’ve still got a few months to do whatever.  In the grand scheme of things, a few months is nothing, right?  OF COURSE!  That is why I have to get my butt in gear and start my resolutions now!  Because time is passing me by.

So here are my plans for things to start for the month of September, and what I’m going to hopefully keep going loooong after:

1.  Join the local YMCA.  We have a beautiful gym just 10 minutes away.  I’m going to become a member and dedicate myself to becoming a serious MILF.  Updates on my progress in that area to follow.

2. Cook at least one new recipe a week.  I love to cook, and I love to experiment in the kitchen.  You know this from this blog.  Even though this is true, I find myself getting into the same old rut and cooking the same old thing all the time, because I don’t feel like doing the research, or the thinking, and planning ahead that is involved in trying new recipes.  It’s horrible, here I am, blogging all kinds of recipes, encouraging whomever reads this to try new things, and I’ve been really bad at doing that myself for the last little bit.  It all stops here!

I was going to put a few more down, but I figure that those two things, especially number 1 – are major lifestyle changes.  I’ll work on those, let you know how that goes, and maybe be able to add more to the list in a bit. 😉

Wish me luck…